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Cleveland Cavaliers News: Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Hart highlight home opener party; 3-D imaging for every game

The Cavs showmanship has long been second to none, they are going to raise the bar again this year.

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The Cavs open the season in just 8 days. In advance of that, they have released a few awesome bits of information.

First, as was eluded to in a cryptic tweet from Dan Gilbert months earlier, the Cavs have confirmed they will be using the Quince Technologies projection system they used for the Zydrunas Ilgauskas retirement ceremony last year. If you don't remember how awesome that was, watch this video:

Cleveland Cavaliers PreGame Court Projection from Quince Imaging on Vimeo.


We all know the Cavs home opener is going to be nuts, and in anticipation of that, the Cavs have announced a free pregame/watch party across the street in association with Turner Sports. Headlining that event is Kendrick Lamar. Yes, the Cavs won 33 games last year and will now have Kendrick Lamar playing the home opener. My how times change. Special guests will include Kevin Hart, among others. If you aren't super familiar with Kendrick Lamar, here he is destroying the Grammy's:

All this plus that new massive HD screen? I was already pumped about getting into this game, which has been basically impossible. Now I really can't wait.

What about you?