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Purging my Anderson Varejao, Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters thoughts on the eve of the season

With the season upon us, we take one last chance to air any last thoughts, comments, worries, hopes, or grievances about the new Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jason Miller

The Cleveland Cavaliers have four centers on the roster. One missed all of last season with a stress fracture, another has played for six teams in five years, the third shot 34.8 percent in the preseason, and the fourth is Anderson Varejao and his symphony of injuries. Hope Tristan Thompson can handle minutes at the five.

Would really like Dion Waiters to go off for a 30-point game against a good team and immediately demand a max contract after the game.

Not sure how the Cavs can be thinking about a Varejao contract extension when they have Matthew Dellavedova unrestricted free agency looming this summer.

To all the Delly fans here: Please remember that he shot 31 percent from the field in January and 14.7 percent from three in February last season. It's okay for people to have concerns about him playing a big role.

Now watch Delly go off for 20 points off the bench in a playoff win.

I don't really care where Dion's shooting improves, as long as it does.

I remember last spring that I thought the Cavs could sign Shawn Marion for like $6 or $7 million a year. Now he's making the same amount as James Jones. Life is weird.

I loved Wizards-Brendan Haywood so I'd really like him to play and be half-decent this year.

Kevin Love is going to be so freaking good in this offense. I look forward to dealing with people who still say he sucks and can't win all season.

I also look forward to 'Big Three' comparisons all season, even though Love isn't that similar to Bosh and Kyrie Irving and Wade are completely different players.

I'm trying to imagine this team still being coached by Mike Brown or Byron Scott but if I wanted to get that sad I'd just watch ASPCA commercials.

Speaking of Byron, he's getting a lot of criticism about his inefficient offense, but he did go from coaching Dion's chucking, Kyrie's moodiness, and Varejao's age /injury history to coaching all four of those issues at once with Kobe, so I'd say that's plenty efficient.

I'm sad that Varejao won't have any more games with 25 rebounds because we'll just have him and Love combining for 35 boards every game.

Best of luck to Alonzo Gee, no matter which of the eight teams he was traded to this summer actually ended up with him.

I wonder how many times I will have to watch Tristan attempt to take a good defensive power forward off the dribble from 18 feet this year. If it's over 20 I might die.

Kyrie Irving is pretty good. John Wall is pretty good. Steph Curry is pretty good. Damian Lillard is pretty good. Each is better than the others at some things and worse than the others at some things.

I miss Spencer Hawes.

I don't miss Earl Clark, Andrew Bynum, Luol Deng, Alonzo Gee, Sergey Karasev, or Jarrett Jack.

The Pacers are relying on C.J. Miles to open up their offense, huh? Good luck with that!

LeBron James could score less per game, play more of a facilitating role, sit more games, and still win MVP because of Kevin Durant's injury.

I think LeBron, Kyrie, and Love all will make the All-Star team. Varejao (if healthy) will make an All-Defense team.

I hope in games LeBron sits out that David Blatt takes the Spoelstra approach and starts James Jones even though Mike Miller and Marion are healthy.

I'm going to really enjoy the schadenfreude that occurs if Miller shoots something like 38 percent from three and people complain that he's not doing enough, given the last four years of three-point shooting.

I think I'm going to take wrist/hand in this year's "body part Kyrie injures that forces him to sit for 10 games" pool.

I'm so happy that A.J. Price made the roster. He sucks, but it's a fun and sometimes useful sucking!

I didn't know who Joe Harris was before the draft and am now convinced he has an NBA future, so yup, he's a Cavs second round pick.

I don't care if Derrick Rose is healthy. The Cavs will be better than the Bulls anyway. Roll. Damn. Tide.

Let's get the season started. Can't wait.