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New York Knicks 95, Cleveland Cavaliers 90: Courtside Tweets

Think the game was weird? How about a foreign invasion for TWEETS DNT LIE?!?!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So that was weird right? I've seen bad games from LeBron James before... but his bad games usually are good in comparison to an average player. But he went full Earl Clark, and we all know...

But the show, like this season, must go on!


#Content from the game.

Looking back on the night, it was pretty clear that the angel of death was hovering over the team. The signs were there, we chose to ignore them:

To start the game things went according to plan:

All was right with the world, and the pieces were falling into place:

Things really went off the rails in the second quarter. The Cavs stopped making shots and the Knicks were able to tie up the game. So with seconds winding down in the half, the Cavs went back to an old favo(u)rite:

BUDDY BALL 2014!!!!!!!!!

Kyrie Irving had a great night, and provided a lot of life to a team that was in need of it. But while Kyrie can give life, he can also take it away just as easily. Ask poor Pablo here:

Daily reminder that nobody wants to see the Los Angles Lakers these days. Not even Sir Chuck:

Something, something, something... sample size:

Given all the build up to last night's game, it really was a shame that LeBron came out and basically cost the Cavs the win. It's fairly safe to assume that he will be the reason for more wins than losses throughout the year. But when you have celebrities in the stands, you want to show off for them:

Even though the Cavs battled back, they ultimately were unable to break through the wall. Shots like this didn't really help the cause:

Speaking of shots fired...

All you really can do is laugh. The Knicks probably won't make playoffs, LeBron probably won't shoot 33 percent for the season with 8 turnovers a game. It's a long season ahead of us, with plenty of time to figure things out. We just need to stay focused on things that matter.