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Cleveland Cavaliers preseason introductions video is here

The Cavaliers are pretty darn good at intro videos. The preseason iteration is no different.

Jason Miller

The Cleveland Cavaliers intro video is here. It's been floating around on the internet now for some time, but I wanted to make sure we got a post in here to point it out. It's pretty fantastic.

For those who have followed the introductions for some time, it really won't be a surprise that this is well done. I like how the video starts with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, a couple guys who have been with the team for a little while now. Really, though, I'm just thrilled to have Put On as the track getting it going. This was the song for the 2008-2009 Cavaliers, a team that won 66 games.

Of course, this is just the preseason video. Some of this may be incorporated into what fans see on opening night. It may be entirely different. But with a brand new scoreboard, it's just another thing for those lucky few who have opening night tickets to look forward to.