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Courtside Tweets: Cleveland Cavaliers 118, New Orleans Pelicans 111

Men lie, women lie, tweets DNT

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers got back to .500 Monday night against Al Pacino's favorite team, the New Orleans Pelicans.


Shameless self promotion!

Recaps from the pros!

Post game shenanigans!

Wait that ain't right...

Much better.

There were some awesome quotes in that video including:

Kyrie Irving:

He [LeBron] asked me at halftime if I was ready to play now, I told him yeah. It's gotta be more consistent, it's gotta come in the first half and it's gotta be a full 48 minute game.

Kyrie played passive in the first half looking to set up his teammates to the tune of 5 assists. In the second half he was far more aggressive in looking for his offense and still got 4 more assists. Last year we saw games where Kyrie would take a back seat after being criticized for too many shots. It looks like he's beginning to learn that when he remains aggressive it's going to create opportunities for himself and his team. His greatest trait is his ability to score. If he does that at a high level it's going to create opportunities for everyone else.


Including a reminder that Kevin Love is from Portland:

Remember when "Jrue Holiday: Kyrie stopper" was a thing? Yeah me neither:

Our first "LeBron James" game of the season:

The Cavaliers played so well I couldn't even locate a typical Zavac tweet. So here's a fantastic stat from him (taken from