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Cavaliers Links Roundup: Will Joe Harris move into the starting lineup?

A guide to what people on the internet are saying about the Cavs.

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There is a pretty good chance that no matter where you live, the weather is cold and somewhat miserable right now. But it's Sunday and the Cleveland Cavaliers have won four games in a row. Therefore, life is good.

Life has also been pretty good for Joe Harris. Jason Lloyd wrote in his final thoughts after the win against the Celtics that Harris could join the starting lineup soon:

With the way he is progressing and as well as he is playing, Joe Harris will be the starting shooting guard sooner rather than later. Much sooner. As in within a couple of weeks (or less), one source with knowledge of the team's thinking said. At least one member of the Cavs' brain trust is already in favor of the switch.

Last night, Harris made four of his five three-point attempts, but fouled out in just 21 minutes.

Lloyd also wrote a column about how the Cavs are not worried about losing Kevin Love this summer:

The organization only made the deal for Love after he chatted with owner Dan Gilbert, who left satisfied the Cavs had a long-term commitment from Love and the trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves quickly fell into place. Still today, the Cavs as an organization have no fears of Love abandoning the plan now.

Vince Grzegorek wrote a scathing piece on Dan Gilbert in Cleveland Scene. It included this nugget about a time when Plain Dealer columnist Bill Livingston criticized Gilbert on the radio:

The billionaire can unleash torrents of spite when reporters question his decisions, and this time he went straight to Livingston's bosses at the Plain Dealer with his complaints. They, in turn, would tell Livingston to write a letter of apology to Gilbert, a sanctioned snipping of one of the few who dare call Gilbert to the carpet.

At King James Gospel, Jared Mueller wondered who the leader of this team is going to be:

Ideally the head coach, David Blatt, would be the boss. While coaches should always get feedback from their players, especially their best players, they should always maintain control. At this point it seems that LeBron James is trying to allow the Cavaliers to be Kyrie Irving's team while David Blatt is ceding decision making over some non-important decisions.

Paul Flannery of SB Nation wondered what we're supposed to make of these Cavs so far:

The real underlying tension at the heart of the Cavaliers' existence is the push and pull between James and his younger teammates. LeBron has cast himself as the wizened elder and the season has already provided teaching moments, such as their loss to Portland when he went scoreless in the second half and made a point of calling out the "bad habits" that have built up over the years.

Uni Watch had the first look at the jerseys the Cavs will be wearing on Christmas Day. If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, well, keep wondering. Because I want nothing to do with these monstrosities.

And finally, this has nothing to do with the Cavs, but Chris Ballard's article on Ryan Anderson for SI is worth your time.