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Cleveland Cavaliers 113, Washington Wizards 87: Courtside Tweets

Magically Delicious

You look silly, Marcin.
You look silly, Marcin.
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We outchea

There are many great moments, and great men in Shade History. Who can forget Shaquille O'Neal and his mocking the Sacramento Kings, Stan Van Gundy, or Erick Dampier? If you've ever been near a court that Gary Payton is on, you've heard things that you probably didn't implicitly understand at the time. Even the Cowardly Lion of the Brooklyn Nets, KG, has gotten off a few quality barbs in his day.

This is the standard we aspire to. The North Star that we follow. The rainbow that we hope some day guides us to the pot of gold on the other end. This is especially true when the Wizards are involved. I'm not sure why. On it's face, there is no reason to pay such a team any mind, but here we are, slandering away like it's a full time job. Fortunately, our Huckleberries (The Wizards) have a blog like ours with a fun spirit about all of this. It makes the job a whole lot easier.

Wizards Shade

Wait how is that shade that's a tweet about Turk--

This dude doesn't know those bums are the weaker team.

Or the 30 point beating but yaaaaaaaaknow.

 photo BTTF2.jpg


Professional Thoughts

Spread some Holiday Cheer?

FWIW, if you die first, they will have a whole lot of trouble getting you though security.

Guess y'all got work to do.

In Closing

Always try to remember those in life that might be less fortunate, y'all.

Sometimes life just isn't fair. (SPEAK ENGLISH, DAVID)

The Cavs play the Pacers tomorrow night. Enjoy sleeping off your leftovers, and know that I love all of you. Well, except for most of you.