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Portland Trailblazers 101, Cleveland Cavaliers 82: Courtside Tweets

Excuse me sir but my fun is missing.

Steve Dykes


Sometimes life hands you lemons, sometimes you stay up late watching a crappy game that makes you do a few of these.


WAIT THAT IS NOT FROM THE CAVS GAME?!?! No. No it is not. There aren't really any good highlights from that game and the fact that I forgot it even happened already doesn't help.

We are legally obligated to mock the Lakers

Byron Glare

Being a bachelor is rough. I mean, it's not, but I pretend it is sometimes. I chill with my dog, play video games, watch sports, do laundry and mock the Lakers. You just do it, because they're the Lakers. It's fun. They employ Carlos Boozer, they get mocked, THEMS THE RULES.

I don't put stock in small sample sizes, but I also don't think Kobe can jack 20 or 40(?!?!) shots a night at 36 and still defend anybody anywhere with any kind of regularity. He shouldn't really be expected to either, for whatever it's worth.

Professional Thoughts

Robin's real name was Dick Grayson

Robin Lopez might rather be Dick Grayson as well

The Best Story in Sports

Stuff like this is why sports are great. Why playing them is great. Read about that. Be careful about looking into this at work, because you might tear up.

But Ryan, we are sad

I know, I know. There were actually too many RAISE THE ALARM tweets for me to even choose from for this. I always admire the passion of the Cleveland fan, but man, y'all just cannot do 82 or 162 game seasons. It's in the third quarter of game three and I'm getting sarcastic "CAN WE PANIC ABOUT ____" tweets because I kinda rolled my eyes at the freak out. It's like every Cleveland Baseball Team game where the season is over, in like, June.

Forever and Ever.

See you in Utah tonight folks.