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Utah Jazz 102, Cleveland Cavaliers 100: Courtside Tweets

Tropes and Dopes.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Did you know the Cleveland Cavaliers lost last night?

If you're like me, and you have the internet and watch baskethoops, you probably did. I took a short nap, and was awoken by a burning sensation in my leg.

fire tweets

The trope catapults were locked and loaded, and fresh out of the can generalities were a flying. So let's tee off:

Almost fell over. Glad my cheerleader was on hand.

A video posted by stephennash (@stephennash) on

(out for the season because of back problems Steve Nash, if ya need him)

We Got Highlights

This was mean.

This was also mean.

I am sad too, Tristan.

What are you doing, Draymond?

What are YOU doing, Roy?

I'm not doubting Vogel or anything, but this play seems odd.

Professional Thoughts

Y'all still wanna go, though?

The Cavs must be ok, because people are excited to go there. Did you guys know I can play the violin?

There is a ton of stuff to read here, so have at it. Take in the takes, and hit twitter to see how a "true PG", "3 and D", or "Rim protector" would help the Cavs. One of those is valid, I just hate trope expressions.

Just never stop chasing the truth.