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LeBron James and Kyrie Irving deny heated exchange

This non story stays a story just a day longer

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A day after ESPN went with wall to wall coverage over a reported "healthy" exchange between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, both players denied that there was any confrontation at all.

While getting ready for tonight's matchup with the Denver Nuggets, James went further than his tweet from yesterday urging the talking heads to "relax".

From Chris Haynes of the NEOMG:

"Those reports are untrue," James said. "We have not had a verbal exchange, but I understand that negativity sells. No one wants to hear a good story. Those reports are not true. They're very false."

Irving, whom was sitting 90-feet away from James, took a comedic approach on the topic of an allege clash between himself and James.

"As you can see, we're on opposite ends, so it means we hate each other," Irving jokingly said. "It was just over Survivor's Remorse and Family Guy. That's what it was about. Obviously he's going to feel strongly about Survivor's Remorse. It's his show, but I love Family Guy. So a heated exchange, words were said. No blows this time, but awesome for our team. It's great."

James went on to say that he is getting along well with Irving.

Does any of this matter right now? No, not really. The team has a lot of learning to do and the players have never spent this much time together, even if they were friends before joining forces. It's also possible to be friends but struggle to mesh basketball skills. There are "heated" exchanges in locker rooms all the time, even with successful teams. It's a competitive environment. Do we know what or if anything happened? Nope, but it also doesn't matter too much right now either way.