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Pros and Cons: Should the Cavs Trade for Lance Stephenson?

Lance is on the trading block. What are the pros and cons of the Cavs potentially trading for him?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets gave Lance Stephenson $27 million contact this summer, and now they're looking to trade him less than two months into the season. I have heard no rumors about the Cavs' interest in Stephenson, but whenever a big profile player in a position of need becomes available from a team desperate to get rid of him, it is worth talking about.


What would the Cavs have to give up in a situation like this? I would think Dion Waiters and four or five future first round picks could do the trick, but I am also higher on Waiters than most people. The Cavs still have plenty of assets to trade for a player like Stephenson given his toxic situation. Maybe they don't have enough if the Hornets were happy with Stephenson, but it's a buyer's market. If the Cavs want him, I think they could have him.

That's just the thing, though. Do the Cavs want Stephenson? Should they want Stephenson? I've decided to make a list of pros and cons to trading for Stephenson. This is assuming the Cavs don't give up too much, so I won't talk too much about any pros and cons in regards to what they gave up -- this will be all about Stephenson and what he brings as both a player and a human being.

Pros and Cons

Pro: The Cavs sorely need a wing defender, and Stephenson was just that the last few seasons with the Pacers. He could take a lot of pressure off LeBron James guarding the perimeter.

Con: He is a psychopath who pushed his pregnant girlfriend down some stairs (Ed. note: allegedly).

Pro: It doesn't matter if he comes off the bench or starts, his presence on the team would allow the Cavs to rest James more. Both Stephenson and Shawn Marion can spell James, which could fix the last remnants of James' minutes problems.

Con: Pushing a pregnant woman down a bunch of stairs is one of the worst things a person can do. Another "worst" thing is sexually assaulting a person, which he has also done (Ed. note: allegedly).

Pro: The Cavs could always use more play making, and Stephenson could definitely help with that. He led the league last season in triple doubles, averaging 4.6 APG from the shooting guard position (5.0 APG so far this season). Not bad!

Con: If you weren't aware, it's not a good idea to push a woman (or anybody) down a flight of stairs under any circumstance. It's even worse when that woman is carrying your (or anybody's) baby. Thankfully, babies are well cushioned in the womb, but it is something I would be terrified to risk if I were considering pushing my wife down the stairs while pregnant. It just seems like a given that you don't push a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs.

Pro: When Stephenson blew in James' ear in the Eastern Conference Finals last year, it seemed to really motivate James to play at his best. What would happen to James' game if Stephenson were around, blowing in his ear constantly? Would he reach new heights of amazing with this encouragement always there, blowing?

Con: Also seems like a good idea not to sexually assault someone?

Pro: What if a gypsy has cursed Stephenson to not reach his true potential as a superstar NBA player AND a decent human being who doesn't throw pregnant girlfriends down stairs, but the curse will be broken once he plays for his third NBA team? Are we as Cavs fans willing to take the chance that this former Mr. New York Basketball could have his curse lifted when he is traded to a team other than the Cavs?

Con: While his three point shooting has been okay in his previous two seasons (.343 combined), it's been at an awful .167 this season, and the Cavs need spacing.


Clearly, there are a lot of arguments for both sides -- many that didn't even make this article. I'll let you guys decide for yourselves if the pros outweigh the cons, but between the concerning three point shooting numbers this year and that thing where he's the type of person who would push his pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs, I think I'd pass.