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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers drop LeBron's Miami Heat homecoming 101-91

Well, this wasn't an ideal Christmas game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In what might be remembered as a humbling Christmas day game, the Cavs were beat by the Miami Heat. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James both got banged up in the game. Neither seemed to be destabilizing injuries, but we will keep you updated moving forward.

The Cavaliers defense was bad from the get-go, and LeBron James had three early turnovers as the HEAT jumped out to a 17-10 lead. James would get better, as would the Cavs defense, but Cleveland ended with 15 turnovers and consistently failed to do anything with the possessions gained from offensive rebounds.

Down 13 at halftime, the team put together a great third quarter that appeared to require a lot of energy. It was a three point game, and the Cavs were getting to the free throw line at will. Unfortunately, they just weren't making enough of them. LeBron himself missed eight free throws. By the time things got tight in the fourth quarter, Tristan Thompson was inexplicably benched, and Dion Waiters was the only one who appeared to have any energy at all on either end.

Waiters made a few big defensive plays in the fourth, and Thompson got some big offensive boards, but the Cavaliers couldn't take advantage. It was dispiriting to see them run out of energy. I'd give you more, but I'm going to go spend some time with my family. I'll check in with you guys tomorrow.

It's an 82 game season.