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Kevin Love leaves Hawks game with back spasms

Kevin Love didn't have a great game. There might be a good explanation

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers came up just short on Tuesday night against the Atlanta Hawks, and an injury raddled team lost yet another key player in Kevin Love. There's no word on how serious it is just yet.

Love got out to a rough start in the game, and it's impossible to know how much of it was a result of discomfort. Love had seven points on eight shots but was just 1-7 from the field. For the Cavaliers, it's yet another blow. Kyrie Irving returned from a knee injury, but Shawn Marion and LeBron James sat out with ailments. Anderson Varejao faces a long and winding road back to the NBA.

This is likely just a small bump for Love, but it's also a game the Cavs were competitive in late in the fourth quarter. Kevin Love might have been the difference were he able to go. We will keep you updated on his status.