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Fear the Rumor Mill! Did LeBron tell Dwyane Wade he wants to team up again?

As if things around the Cavs couldn't get more weird, LeBron may have told Dwyane Wade he wants to reunite after the Cavs' Christmas Day game vs. the Heat.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Via Reddit, we have some video from the Cleveland Cavaliers' Christmas Day loss to the Miami Heat, where LeBron James may or may not be telling Dwyane Wade something during their post-game embrace:

The important part begins at the 2:44 mark of the video, where LeBron is hugging Wade. According to the Reddit post, LeBron supposedly says the following:

"Like I said, if we aren't better this year, we're gonna re-unite again and do some bigger and better things, alright?"

That's......not good. Especially if that's what he said, and if that's what was caught on a live mic after the camera went to highlights. LeBron has been quite weird lately in both his off-court comments and on-court demeanor, and this could be another instance of LeBron being frustrated with the team's play. It could even mean a dreaded Decision 3.0 is looming. Who knows.

However, there's plenty to be skeptical about here as well. For one thing, the audio is not quality and it's almost impossible to make out what LeBron's actually saying. I know I've listened to it multiple times and can't figure out what he says at all. I can't discern that he's even speaking coherent sentences, much less telling Wade he wants to be teammates with him again. But, it's definitely open to interpretation.

In addition, even if he said he wants to reunite with Wade, that doesn't necessarily mean he wants to return to Miami. We can't be sure of that given what the comments sound like. Maybe he means returning to Miami, maybe he means bringing Wade to Cleveland. Maybe he means the two going somewhere else entirely. Also, does he mean he wants to reunite this summer? In 2016? Five years from now?

There's so much speculation to do here, and that's not something I'm necessarily about. Instead, I'll leave this open to interpretation, in terms of how serious this is and what it means. Regardless, it's a pretty bad look for a team that's struggling and getting destroyed in the national media right now.