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Shorthanded Cleveland Cavaliers drop NYE game to Milwaukee Bucks by 96-80 score

We didn't really have many good players available.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James was out with knee soreness.

Anderson Varejao is done for the year.

Shawn Marion has a sprained ankle.

Kevin Love has back spasms.

Those guys didn't play. The guys who did played hard last night in a tough loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Tonight's game with the Milwaukee Bucks was ugly. The Cavs played hard, but Kyrie Irving tried to do too much. It's hard to blame him, because he just didn't have much help. Tristan Thompson in particular was exposed a bit. He finished with 10 points on 11 shots, but clearly isn't ready to be the top offensive frontcourt option.

But we knew that.

Kyrie ended up with 25 points on 23 shots while grabbing five rebounds handing out five assists. Dion Waiters had 10 points on 10 shots.

I watched the game out of the corner of my eye while getting New Year's things going. I hope you all had a solid 2014, and we hope that in 2015 you stay with us. While nothing changes on New Year's Day, there's always an opportunity to get better. Be safe.