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Fear the Shoes: Show off your Kyrie 1 designs here

Want to show off your Nike ID skills? Here's the place

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Jason Miller/Getty Images

Wednesday evening Kyrie Irving was unveiled by Nike as their next signature athlete. It is a rare honor that shows just how much promise surrounds the 22 year old point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To celebrate this event, let's have an open thread where people can design their own customer Kyrie 1's with Nike ID and show off their design prowess. You can put your design in the comment section below. You can vote for the designs you like by using the rec button. Any designs that we deem unworthy will be met with a swift blow from the banhammer.

To design your own shoe, go to this page: and you can pick your own custom colors for every aspect of the shoe. It's a really neat feature and an opportunity to have some fun.

For those of you who aren't the creative type, you can look at some of the ideas in order to find a design you love. STEALING IS FUN!