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Sacramento Kings vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Preview: Will the Cavs lose by 44 again?

The Cavs lost by 44 last time they played the Kings, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that won't happen again.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Sacramento Kings (17-34) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (18-33)

When: 7:00 pm ET

Where: Quicken Loans Arena -- Cleveland, Ohio

Where on my eyeballs: Fox Sports Ohio/ NBA League Pass


Here we go, folks.

There are only nine days left until the NBA trade deadline. Tough decisions need to be made in the very near future and the Cavs players have limited opportunities to either make a case for staying with this team, or they will find themselves gone by the deadline. The happiest I've been as a fan this season has been from watching Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters make an effort to make their partnership work. As a tandem they've looked great over the past couple games, while they've had their differences, maybe they feel they owe it to the man that believed in their ability to play together and will really try to make this work. I truly hope that was the wake up call they needed, better late than never. Look for Mike Brown to give them more minutes together as the team continues to gauge where they stand.

I want Jarrett Jack off this team. Two ball dominant guards is fine, three is a crowd. MOAR DELLY BALL!

Tristan Thompson needs to play better tonight on both ends of the floor. He played some very good defense at times, but he needs to play a less sporadic game on the offensive side of the floor. While it would be nice to see him be able to make his opponent work more on defense, he needs to play more within himself down the stretch this season. We've seen his game expand in some ways this season, but with him trying to add more aspects to the game he's taking too long to make a decision. Now is not the time to experiment, the Cavaliers as a whole need to settle into their roles and stop trying to do too much. Jason Thompson had a big game against Tristan in their last matchup, Tristan will need to step up to the challenge of guarding both Thompson and Cousins throughout the night.

The Kings feature one of the few lineups with three 20+ ppg scorers. They are a very dangerous offensive team, but their offense doesn't seem to travel well. While they've taken down some very good teams since the Gay trade, they have really struggled on the road. The Cavaliers should know from their previous meeting that this is not a team that should be taken lightly, they simply cannot let this team get into a comfort zone. Once the Kings get going they are incredibly tough to stop.

Do you like awesome PG matchups? I do! Kyrie Irving vs. Isaiah Thomas should be an explosive, exciting duel throughout the night.

Now a special message to all those that want Bill Simmons to be the next Cavs GM:


Fear the Sword's Fearless Prediction:

Kyrie and Dion combine for 45 and 16, Bennett scores 8, Derrick Williams is still Derrick Williams.

Cavs win 108-102