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NBA Mount Rushmore: Who goes on the Cleveland Cavaliers' Mt. Rushmore?

Mt. Rushmore analogies are all the rage lately. Who would go on Cleveland's?


After LeBron James said that he would eventually be on the NBA's all-time Mt. Rushmore of players, everybody decided to think of things in terms of Mt. Rushmore. Is Derek Jeter on the Yankee's Mt. Rushmore? Is breakfast on your Mt. Rushmore of favorite meals? Are Mt. Rushmore analogies on the Mt. Rushmore of most annoying ways to get your point across? Is the #4 on the Mt. Rushmore of arbitrary cutoffs? All of these questions are relevant and therefore, we're going to apply it to the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.

Who are the 4 most important/significant/awesome/whatever people in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers' franchise?

That's the question that we are tackling today. The thing about Mt. Rushmore analogies is that they can mean literally whatever you want. Would you include the most beloved Cavaliers? The best players? The most important (however you care to define that)? I don't know. There are a lot of people that could be included for the Cavs, but it's hard to find people that really stand out as guys that you absolutely have to include.

So here's my list:

Ryan Hollins
Lester Hudson
Semih Erden
Luke Harangody

Any arguments? I didn't think so.


More seriously, I don't think there's really any wrong answers for this. Or maybe there's only wrong answers. I don't know.

If you're going to make a sincere attempt at picking the four most important Cavaliers on all time, I think Austin Carr would be one of the most obvious ones. He was the first Cavalier. He is Mr. Cavalier. He is a treasure. He's on the Cavs' Mt. Rushmore.

You also probably have to add Mark Price. He spent most of his career with the Cavs and led some of the best teams in franchise history.

But after those two it gets tricky. Do you include LeBron James? I'll let you debate this in the comments because it's not a conversation I feel like discussing right now. But here's my issue with it: if he would be on another team's Mt. Rushmore, can he be on yours?

Other candidates would be Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Wayne Embry, Gordon Gund, Lenny Wilkens, Brad Daugherty, and obviously, David Griffin.

It's a really subjective exercise and I'm sure Cavs fans would argue for days about which 4 guys they think are worthy. So I'll let you do that in the comment section. Who's on your Mt. Cavsmore? And if you want extra gold stars, photoshop their faces onto the actual Mt. Rushmore.