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Kyrie Irving puts his three point title on the line Saturday night

You come at the king... you best not miss your threes

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kyri3 Irving is a boss,

He lights it up with hot sauce,

Threes keep on falling,

Cavs can't stop balling,

Opponents better prep for a loss.

Kyrie is very good when he isn't double teamed and creating his own shot (he's also very good in those situations as well, but wide open he's a disgusting destroyer of worlds).

Now that I've given my mandatory Kyrie love it's time to actually give some analysis for this event. The rules have changed this year and Kyrie's lack of preparation and planning has seen the reigning champ fall to the fourth best odds to win the contest according to Bovado.

The new format is as follows.

  • The players will be given five racks of five balls.
  • Four of the racks will be made up of four normal balls worth one point each, and one money ball worth two.
  • The fifth rack will have 5 money balls and can be placed at any of the five spots along the three point line.
  • It is up to the player to pick the location.

Kyrie has apparently decided to put the money ball rack in the right corner. Judging from last year this will be his final rack. Some of you might think that this is smart, as the corner three point shot is the closest to the rim. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! This is just the latest chapter in Kyrie's long history of not giving a full effort on the basketball court. This placement means one of two things.

1. He is not taking into consideration that he will be tired by the money rack. We can't expect anybody to be in good enough shape to shoot 5 racks of balls without reaching exhaustion. Apparently this is news to Kyrie as he doesn't seem to mind giving up a glorious opportunity for points. I mean it's either that or....

2. KYRIE IRVING IS GOING TO COAST UNTIL THE FINAL RACK. Mr. Fourth quarter is becomes Mr. Fifth Rack and we're all just supposed to hope his 70% is enough to win like we do every other night of the year.

Are we as Cavs fans supposed to sit back and accept this? I don't know, I guess at the end of the day it's up to how many of your morals and ethics you want to discard in order to support this kid.

Anyways, the other contestants are Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Marco Belinelli, Bradley Beal, Aaron Afflalo, Kevin Love, and Joe Johnson.

Enjoy the contest, go Mr. Fifth Rack. #HOTSPORTSTAKES