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Kyrie Irving wins All Star game MVP, and all but guarantees LeBron is coming back to the Cavs.

Let's face it, you probably can't stop it.

Ronald Martinez

LeBron James is coming back to Cleveland.

It really is that simple.

Shortly after teaming up with Kyrie time and again, and watching him dominate on his own, on the way to beating the West All Stars sunday night, LeBron was left to ponder about how good Kyrie Irving is.

Now, he didn't SAY that he was coming, but maybe it's just the Akron in me that makes it so easy to read between the lines and see what he really means.

"Kyrie's special" --> "Look y'all; D Wade is like 50. I'm sick of this"

"It's just that simple" -->  "and what the hell is Bosh on. I'm tired. I'm scared"

"He has the total package" --> "I'm on a team with Birdman Andersen and Mike Beasley. They came over last week and asked me where all the people in their underwear sorting money were hiding, like it was a couch or something"

"I've always known that" --> "Don't you people read Windhorst? I've been planning this for years!"

When you put it in the proper context, it becomes increasingly obvious that LeBron is coming back, because 22 year old Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters will be the best players for him to play with, and he is close friends with Tristan Thompson.

I'm sorry NBA, Cleveland always wins.