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NBA Trade Rumors: Brooklyn Nets interested in Jarrett Jack for Jason Terry swap with Cleveland Cavaliers?

According to reports, the Brooklyn Nets could be targeting the Cavalier's Jarrett Jack.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday

With the deadline comes trade rumors! We likely will hear lots of buzz in the coming days and while most won't materialize, you never know which of the rumors might catch on and end up changing the Cavaliers.

ESPN's New York correspondent Ohm Youngmisuk tweeted today that the Brooklyn Nets may be targeting Jarrett Jack:

My knee-jerk reaction was to laugh as Jason Terry has been awful since winning a championship with the Mavericks. This season Jason Terry is shooting 37.9% from three and 36.2% from the floor and doesn't really provide much else. Here's why this move would make sense for both parties:


The Nets would receive an upgrade at their back up point guard position as well as a combo guard to play off Deron Williams. Jack would likely receive much more playing time with the Nets and would make them a relatively younger unit. Deron Williams has struggled with his health and with the Nets going smaller they would be able to use a Jack, Williams, Johnson, Pierce and Garnett lineup. The downside for them would be that Jarrett Jack's contract is a year longer than Terry's and costs about half a million more per season. According to Basketball Reference Terry gets paid $5.6 this season and $5.85 next season while Jarrett Jack will get paid 6.3M over the next three seasons.


Brooklyn's downside is Cleveland's upside. They shed some salary as well as ball dominance. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters excel with the ball in their hands and the presence of Jarrett Jack has taken away from their touches. Without Jack it allows them to play with the ball more and gives more minutes to Matthew Dellavedova. Jason Terry is a downgrade in talent but likely an upgrade in fit, he'll require fewer minutes and will open up opportunities for the Cavs young pieces. He is also a competent spot up shooter so he would likely be a very helpful weapon for Irving and Waiters to kick it out to.

It doesn't sound like the teams have entered into trade talks yet, but I guess the news is that there is an owner out there that would be willing to take on Jarrett Jack's contract. So that's something.