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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Final Score: Cavs win 5th straight, beat 76ers 114-85

The Cavaliers were able to carry over the momentum they had before the All Star break into the city of brotherly love and dominated the lowly Sixers.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won five straight ga... hang on that can't be right....



Believe it! The Cavs dominated the 76ers and cruised to a 114-85 win. The Cavaliers have managed to not play down to the level of their competition, despite missing Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters in the second half. Waiters went down just before the end of the first half after putting an even larger crack in the Liberty Bell.

Dion was able to walk off after the play and was joking around/smiling with his teammates. Given the massive lead the Cavaliers had at the half plus the fact that they were playing the Sixers probably made it a no brain decision to sit Waiters out. While the injury does not appear to be severe I would not be surprised to see him miss tomorrow's home game against the Orlando Magic and possibly Friday's game against Toronto.

Quick thoughts:

  • Tyler Zeller looked outstanding in relief of the injured Vareajo. It definitely helped to have Spencer Hawes covering him. Hawes is a truly horrible defender. Zeller did a great job running the floor, moving into space and grabbing boards. He finished the night with an eye-popping 18 points and 15 rebounds.
  • Cleveland CavEHliers {Editor's note: BOOOOOOOOO}. Anthony Bennett and Tristan Thompson both finished with double doubles tonight. Bennett had a poor first half, but remained active throughout the night and was rewarded with more opportunities in the second half and was able to perform well in garbage time. It's clear that he is in much better shape and showing less hesitation as his confidence increases. If he can remain active and continue hitting the boards he will likely continue to see minutes and Mike Brown will likely be able to have an easier time stomaching his poorer shooting performances.
  • Kyrie Irving had a really good game despite underwhelming raw numbers. He was moving off the ball, setting screens, hustling on defense and looked to get his teammates going. Even though it didn't result in a lot of assists for Irving, the unselfishness of the Cavs as a team resulted in an impressive 28 assists on the 40 made field goals they had tonight. It was nice to see Kyrie play a very selfless game coming off his stunning All Star MVP earning performance Sunday night.
  • Dion Waiters was absolutely incredible tonight prior to his injury. He attacked the rim, drew fouls, showed great vision and took on balance shots. He's playing with a purpose and has been a large part of the Cavaliers winning their last five games. Hopefully he will be back soon.
  • The Cavaliers are really fun to watch right now, I missed this. They seem to enjoy being around one another and are playing with a ton of confidence. Earlier in the season a Cavs game resembled a train wreck. Now they are a joy to watch like this:


Somehow, despite all these good vibes, Jarrett Jack is still awful to watch. I hope he's gone by the deadline.


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