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Injury Update: Anderson Varejao, C.J. Miles, and Dion Waiters Out Sunday

Cavaliers are hurt. No one knows knows anything about severity because the organization is the Langley, Virginia of protecting information.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug continues to unmercifully assail the Cavaliers, as C.J. Miles, Anderson Varejao, and Dion Waiters will miss Sunday's game against the Wizards.

Miles sprained his left ankle against the Magic Wednesday and had hoped to return to action against the Wizards, but unfortunately will not. Yay, more Jarrett Jack!

Waiters also had that scary moment where he landed awkwardly and hyperextended his left knee. An MRI revealed no structural damage for Waiters, and he's still day-to-day. I would assume that both he and Miles will return at some point next week given the information that's been released, but who knows. Until then, MORE JARRETT JACK. AWESOME.

Varejao is the real question mark here, in that no one knows how serious his back injury is. He's still day-to-day, but hasn't played in two weeks and just received a mysterious shot that the Cavaliers denied as a cortisone shot but was an injection that assuredly occurred for some reason. If that sentence doesn't make sense, then it's mostly because none of this situation would make sense for any other player but the oft-injured Varejao.

The takeaways here are:

A. We have no idea what's going with Varejao. None. Zilch. He was supposed to be back by now, but with his injury history who knows. Could be out the rest of the year, could be back for their next game against Toronto. We literally have no idea. I'm not even sure that whatever god-like being above that you believe in (personally, I praise the Queen Spider from South Park) knows.

B. Miles and Waiters have left leg injuries that make me sad because...

C. Now everyone has to watch Bradley Beal torch the ever loving hell out of Jarrett Jack for about 40 minutes. It's going to be simultaneously a beautiful visual of off-ball movement and sweet, sweet jumper strokes along with utter misery and despair as Jack lags behind.