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Kyrie Irving talks about struggles, voices support for Mike Brown in interview with TNT's Craig Sager

Kyrie Irving talked to Craig Sager about the Cleveland Cavaliers rough season thus far.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving has been at the center of various rumors this past month. There's been talk that he wants to get out of Cleveland, wants to fire his agent, and isn't happy with the Cleveland Cavaliers as a whole. There's no real way to confirm these rumors, but I suspect that they will continue to be talked about as long as the Cavs are struggling.

But whenever Kyrie Irving is asked about these rumors, he talks them down and insists that they aren't as big of a deal as people are trying to make them. In a recent interview with TNT's Craig Sager, Kyrie talked a bit about the first half of his third year in the league.  You can watch that quick interview on right here ---> Kyrie Irving interview.

He talked about how the Cavs are struggling and how it's been tougher than he expected. Perhaps the most notable part of that video is when Kyrie talks about Mike Brown. He describes him as a coach that pays very close attention to detail and praises his abilities as a leader. Just last week, Kyrie said after a game that he would "ride or die" with Mike Brown as his head coach. I know there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes and what we hear from players and coaches is not always accurate -- but in public, Kyrie has been almost entirely supportive of Mike Brown.

David Zavac did a great job breaking down the criticism that Kyrie Irving has received this season in a piece for Fear the Sword, you should check it out.

Kyrie is currently on the third year of his 4-year rookie contract and can sign a longterm extension with the Cavaliers this summer.