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SOURCES: Nick Gilbert privately tells high school friends he wants out of Cavaliers' fandom

The youthfully exuberant and lovable lottery winner that is Nick Gilbert is unhappy with the direction of the Cavaliers, and is no longer holding his tongue.

After the Cavaliers' latest demoralizing loss to the Lakers, noted magician and brilliant source of luck Nick Gilbert has had enough.

Sources close to Fear The Sword's high school sources have told us that Gilbert has been outspoken recently in his anger about the team, and will be petitioning his father, Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert, to allow him to switch allegiances in order to become a good luck charm for a better team. Amidst the chaos of the team's locker room and front office, it comes as no surprise that Nick -- beacon of hope, optimism, and buoyancy -- no longer wants to be associated with as hopeless a situation as the Cavs.

Nick Gilbert is understandably annoyed with the franchise and expressed his frustration that he seems to be the only one doing his job correctly: "I mean, year after year, I go out there and put on my bow tie to bring home great draft picks...and I'm just not seeing the improvement that I need to see from anybody else. It's getting a little old, you know?"

This news comes on the heels of superstar Kyrie Irving telling people around him that he wants to ditch Cleveland and most likely move back home to play for the Knicks. However, my sources (in my own brain) also tell me that maybe when Irving tells his friends he wants to "move home," it could potentially mean a move back to Melbourne, Australia in order to play for the Melbourne Tigers.

Remember: the Cavaliers do have a connections with the Tigers. Chris Goulding, a member of the Tigers from 2013 on, played on the Cavaliers' summer league team. My guess on this is that the Tigers sent him over as a double agent in order to convince Irving to return to Australia. The allegiances of Matthew Dellavedova also must fall into question now, which can only fracture the locker room further than it already is.

Given that Irving was the first subject of the Nick Gilbert's magical powers, it stands to reason that Gilbert's decision is tied to whatever Kyrie decides to do. This much is clear though:

Nick Gilbert is not happy, and he's not being quiet about it. And I can't say that I blame him.

(h/t to HaroldRamis for the "tip")