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David Griffin named acting General Manager of Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have announced David Griffin will take over as interim general manager for the recently deposed Chris Grant.


With the Cavaliers confirming that Chris Grant is out as general manager, David Griffin will take over as "acting general manager" in his place. Previously, Griffin was vice president of basketball operations.

Griffin joined the Cavs in 2010, and has been in his previous position since then. Before that, Griffin had spent 17 years with the Phoenix Suns, with the final three as senior vice president of basketball operations. Griffin comes from a media and public relations background, as he spent the first four seasons of his Phoenix tenure in their communications department. He was also offered the Denver Nuggets' general manager job in 2010, but turned it down. Griffin does a lot of the analytics work and European scouting for the Cavaliers, and also has strong references according to Paul Flannery of For a little more background on Griffin, here's a quick bio.

It stands to reason that Griffin will be a strong candidate for the position this offseason. Given that Griffin worked closely with Grant on all personnel moves, who knows what this means as far as where the Cavaliers go from here before the trade deadline in two weeks. It could mean that everyone is on the table, or that he will continue to show the same affinity for Grant's draft choices that led to Grant's demise.

It's also worth mentioning that Dan Gilbert apparently was going to be more "hands on" this trade deadline with Grant anyway. That will probably continue to be the case anyway with Griffin. Whether or not it's good for an owner to be hands on with personnel decisions is another discussion for another day. But hey, that's where the Cavaliers are at right now.