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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Washington Wizards 115-113, hope firing team executives before every game is sustainable

Sorry Chris Grant. Don't get comfortable David Griffin.

Rob Carr

The Cavs won.

That sounds weird, rolling off the tongue, but HEY WE WON A BASKETBALL GAME. It's the Wizards........ but still cool!

Not much to complain about tonight. Kyrie was awesome. Dion was awesome, in fact, he was way more awesome than Bradley Beal, who was not awesome at all. CJ Miles was awesome. Anthony Bennett was awesome for Anthony Bennett, but that's awesome. Tyler and Andy seemed awesome. Mike Brown was awesome, he drew up an inbounds play that resulted in the ball moving from out of bounds, to in bounds, within the five second time limit. Yahtzee.

They even tried that thing they do, where they fold at the end, but they pulled it out, so I will cut them some slack.

Who else is probably way too excited about Anthony Bennett? I sure am. Someone call AB and tell him about how I carried the torch, and tell him I want to hang out in the offseason and workout and eat chipotle.

Oh and here is something weird: The Cavs didn't have Luol Deng and looked a whole lot better. I don't think that means anything at all, but it's pretty weird right?

So, the Grizzlies are next, and the Cavs have whole bunch more people in the front office. I hope we have enough to get through the finals, but I guess getting to the Eastern Conference Finals will be enough.

Undefeated on Friday's in February of 2014, good luck proving that we aren't!


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