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Chris Grant: A Poetic Farewell

Gather around boys and girls as we say goodbye to the man behind the last three years in the best way we know; overly-dramatic, sappy poetry written at a fourth grade level.


(When someone leaves the Cavaliers, we like to write a farewell poem for them. Fear the Poetry.)

Christopher Grant.
His job was was one few would want and that many would consider impossible;
Rebuild the Cleveland Cavaliers in the wake of LeBron James' departure.
I believed in Chris Grant. I trusted the process.
So naive. So misguided.

Gasps filled the Q upon the selection of Dion Waiters.
Reminiscent of the previous year when Tristan Thompson was selected.
And then he picks Anthony Bennett? What was he thinking?
None of these selections made any sense on a team together!
Trades were pretty good, though.