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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Cavs look to stop Chris Paul and Blake Griffin's streak

The Clippers are on a serious roll. Tonight, the Cavs will try to stop that roll.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You could say that the Cavs are on a roll. They've won two games in a row and both of those games have been against very tough opponents on the road. But if you say that the Cavs are on a roll, how do you describe what the Clippers are doing right now? The Clips have won 10 straight. Blake Griffin is a total monster. Chris Paul is Chris Paul. They're 3 games out of the #1 seed in the West. And if you ask me, I think they've got a serious shot at winning it all.

Should be easy for the Cavs to beat them, right?

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers (26-40) at Los Angeles Clippers (47-20)

When? 9:30 PM Eastern

Where? Staples Center -- Los Angeles, CA


Among people that are not primarily Clippers fans, you will not find a bigger Blake Griffin fan than me. Ever since he was at Oklahoma, I've loved the guy. He's so incredibly talented and so incredibly skilled. Some how, he gained the reputation as a guy who can only dunk despite him showing the ability to pass the ball, score in bunches, and dominate in transition. When Chris Paul went down this year, he was able to shed that weird label. Griffin put the team on his back and even got his name in some MVP conversations. He won't win, but he's a clear top-10 player now. Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao will have their hands full tonight.

How many 6'10" guys can do this...

But also do this?


The answer is one and his name is Blake Griffin.

And despite Griffin's awesomeness, he's probably not the best player on his own team. That would be Chris Paul. But it doesn't really matter because they play so well together. Here's a ridiculous stat from WFNY's Jacob Rosen:

When both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are on the floor, it's basically unfair. They just obliterate opponents. That kind of offensive efficiency over a two month span is pretty absurd. There are a lot of fantastic duos in the NBA, but the Clippers might have the duo that plays the best together. It's scary.

All of that said, let's talk about what the Cavs can do tonight. They have a chance to stay alive in the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Atlanta Hawks have won three straight games, which has made it tough for the Cavs and Knicks to make up ground lately.

Cleveland also has a chance to end the Clippers' 10-game win streak. If you go back a few years, you'll remember that the Clippers helped the Cavs end their NBA record 26-game losing streak (which the Sixers are probably going to break, by the way).

It's only fair if the Cavs return the favor and help the Clippers end their streak as well, right?

Fear the Sword's Fearless Prediction:

It will be fun to watch Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul duel tonight. Lots of three-pointers will be shot in this game and the winner will likely be determined by who makes more of their threes. The Cavs have played well recently, but the Clippers just look unstoppable lately. Clippers win 109-102.