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Kyrie Irving leaves game with left bicep injury, will not return vs. Clippers

Kyrie Irving will not return Sunday night.

Christian Petersen

The Cleveland Cavaliers got off to a bad start against the Los Angeles Clippers. And after that, they got some bad news. Kyrie Irving suffered a left bicep injury, went back to the locker room, and will not return.

This is a super bummer because Kyrie has been playing great lately and has done a really nice job staying healthy for most of the season. Without Kyrie, the Cavs will have to rely on Jarrett Jack and Matthew Dellavedova at the point guard position. The Cavs are also still without C.J. Miles, which makes it hard to move Dion Waiters over to the point guard spot.

I'm sure that Kyrie will undergo an MRI in the next few days and we'll learn more. We shall keep you updated as we get more information.


The fast diagnosis and this news point towards at least a partial tear of the muscle. Now we wait for the MRI. -RM