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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers will sign Seth Curry to 10-day contract

The Cavs are reportedly going to sign Seth Curry to a 10-day contract.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly going to sign former Duke guard Seth Curry to a 10-day contract in the very near future. There were rumors that the Cavs were planning on signing Curry earlier this week, but a roster spot did not open up until today. Shane Edwards was signed to a 10-day contract which expires on Friday. Therefore, Cleveland now has the roster space to add some guard help.

The rumors were initially reported by Diamond Leung, a Golden State Warriors beat writer a few days ago.

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that the move will actually take place on Friday morning.

As of the time that I am writing this, the move has not been announced by the Cavs and is therefore not official.

Kyrie Irving is going to be out for several more games and apparently the front office (and/or coaching staff) felt that they needed to add an extra guard to the mix. I'm not sure if this is anything more than an insurance move in case Jarrett Jack or Dion Waiters gets hurt as well. It might just be a move to get an extra body in practice. It seems a little bit odd that the Cavs would go and sign somebody like Seth Curry when they need help a guard considering the fact that Sergey Karasev is just hanging out on the bench. I suppose this just speaks to how much work Karasev needs before he'll be ready to contribute at an NBA level.

Seth Curry previously played for the Golden State Warriors with his brother, Stephen Curry. Unfortunately, the Cavs cannot sign Stephen Curry instead.