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#CavsRank winds down: And then there were two

Cavs bloggers ranking of the top players in franchise history winds down

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

One of the cool things about the Cleveland Cavaliers blogoshere is how well the different websites covering our favorite team get along. I want you to read Cavs: the Blog, and I want you to check out Waiting for Next Year. The guys at Stepien Rules are great, as are the ones over at Right Down Euclid. We hang out in real life.

If you haven't noticed, we all have come together over the last month or so to rank the greatest players in the history of the team's franchise. After a large-ish group each individually submitted rankings, we have been slowly rolling out the top 20. If you haven't been following along, Tom Pestak of Cavs: the Blog can get you updated on where we are. There are links to the stories that have been written thus far; the quality of each one is pretty impressive.

We are finally down to the top two. Tomorrow, Justin will have a piece on this site about the player who finished as the runner up. The standards for how people were supposed to vote were ambiguous. The voters skewed young. Stay tuned.