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NBA Draft 2014: European import Dario Saric "almost certain" to enter draft.

Jonathan Givony of Draft Express says Saric is most likely in.

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The saga of Dario Saric's draft intentions took a couple more weird turns.

First, his agent emailed with USA Today about his father's "unprofessional" involvement in the process.


Apparently that is no longer Dario's agent, and Saric WILL be in the draft, according to Jonothan Givony, of Draft Express.

For the Cavs, this is good news. It deepens the talent pool in their area of the draft. Saric will likely be in the back half of the top 10, and even if he is not who the Cavs are interested in, it could free up other players in that range.

Draft Express currently has Saric, a 6'10 power forward, as the 9th best prospect in the draft. His shooting, much maligned a year ago, appears to have improved. He turns 20 in a week and a half.