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Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Isiah Thomas, Chauncey Billups candidates for GM position?

If the Cavaliers hire Isiah Thomas, I will drink a carton of bleach every day until he loses his job or I die.


As the Pistons get demolished by the hapless 76ers, a story from ESPN's Brian Windhorst came across my eyes.

Windhorst suggests that the Cavaliers are enamored with Chauncey Billups joining them in a front office role. He also suggests that Isiah Thomas is angling to get into the GM position as well.

"Thomas has officially been out of the NBA since 2008, though he not-so-secretly was an adviser to Knicks owner Jim Dolan for years. With Phil Jackson taking over in New York and Thomas' influence there essentially at an end, sources say that Thomas has been campaigning to find a role with the Pistons or Cavaliers, who fired their general manager in February.

Whether those feelings will be returned is yet to be seen, as both Gores and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, both Detroit natives, have a relationship with Thomas, but the Pistons and the Cavs really have their eye on another soon-to-be former Piston.


Chauncey Billups, who is likely headed toward his own retirement after knee surgery ended his season, is the apple of both the Cavs' and Pistons' eye for a role in their respective franchise's leadership. While there might be some interest in getting Billups to follow in contemporary Jason Kidd’s footsteps and go right from player to coach, Billups has been hinting openly for years he’d rather graduate to the front office at the end of his career. "

It doesn't sound as though the interest in mutual, but if the Cavaliers hire Thomas I will drink a carton of bleach every day until he loses his job or I die. I am not super informed as to the effects of pouring bleach down one's throat, but I imagine that it is similar to the effect of adding Isiah Lord Thomas* to one's franchise.

*(Editor's note: No seriously, Thomas's middle name is Lord. I can't stop laughing at that fact.)

Billups? Eh. I mean, maybe he could be good? He has no experience, so no one really knows anything outside him being a natural leader and good basketball mind. Does that translate to front office success? Maybe, if paired with a strong scouting team and contract experts. It's worth noting that the article does not say that Billups would be in the running for the general manager job. It's much more likely that he'd take a lesser role in the front office initially.