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NBA news: Anderson Varejao stays in Cleveland as Cavaliers head to Charlotte

Anderson Varejao will remain out against the Bobcats.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers will be waiting a little longer for Anderson Varejao, who was hoping to be back for the team's trip to face the Bobcats Friday night in Charlotte.

For a big man, back injuries are the worst. Given his age and play style, I'm not sure I see a positive result coming for Anderson. He has been out for a month, if his back hasn't healed enough to play by now, then when will it? I have a history of back issues myself, but being 5'11 and not playing professional basketball daily, it's obviously not as bad. Still, it does not give me much hope for the future.

Word was not given on CJ Miles, but it is widely assumed he will remain out. Swelling is still an issue in his sprained ankle.