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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers lose a game that I can't be sure was even played to the Milwaukee Bucks 119-116

Did the Cavs play tonight? I mean, I guess.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So allegedly, the Cavs and Bucks played tonight. The Bucks won, because reasons. Dion Waiters was awesome because when is Dion Waiters not awesome. Kyrie was not awesome but he's usually awesome and really he should just be chillin and wrapping himself in bubble wrap until he signs that extension anyway.

The game started at 7:30 and it was nice outside, so props to those who watched but you might have been better off:

- Walking your dog, because it is nice outside.

- Walking your kid, because it is nice outside.

- Doing your taxes, because tax day is coming and you need to chip in to support America, Steve Hawes style.

- Dissecting the lyrics of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty To Me" because why the hell does that song exist.

- Ordering a pizza, because this is Pizza's world and we all just live in it.

- Buying a Dion Waiters jersey, because why don't you have one yet?

- Calling your mom, because she misses you. (if you're a blogger like me, you can just exit the basement and ask her if she did the laundry yet because your boys wanna play Warcraft and you need your lucky boxers)

- Reading a book, because only like 9 people read books anymore and you could be 10.

- Asking a nice young person of the opposite sex out on a date, because love makes the world go round.

- Mocking Justin on twitter, because he deserves it.

- Painting a picture, because self expression rules.

- Breaking the law, because rules are meant to be broken.

- Learning how to break dance, because employers want you to have tangible skills, and dropping the cardboard, pumping the Kris Kros, and busting a move will get their attention.

- Writing a nasty email to a potential employer, because the person that posted the job opportunity on did NOT mention the no boom box policy and your act sucked without it.

- Writing your congressman, because WHY DOES OHIO HAVE SO MANY POTHOLES

- Writing an apology letter to Tristan Thompson, because he is an ok basketball player and a swell guy.

- Writing an apology letter to me, because I know what you did last summer.

- Watching the Indians game, because they always beat the White Sox

- Making a Pinata, because live a little.

- Planting a garden, because the secret to a good harvest is an early germination.

But the Cavs were probably cool too.

Two more games and we up out of here.