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What's going to happen with the Cleveland Cavaliers' front office?

This season didn't go well. But not everything is terrible.


There's a bunch of question surrounding the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers going into this offseason. The biggest questions start at the top. David Griffin is the interim GM and things have turned around since he took over, but there's no guarantee that he stays. Dan Gilbert will have to decide if Griffin is the right guy to turn the Cavs around and make this rebuild a success. But there are a lot of other factors that go into these decisions

On Tuesday, Sam Amico wrote a little bit about the state of the Cavs' front office and he included some pretty interesting quotes from NBA executives. Amico says that the sense around the Cavs is that Dan Gilbert is really mad about how this season turned out for Cleveland. But it's worth noting that Gilbert being mad doesn't mean that he's going to explode and act without thinking things through.

How displeased is Cavs owner Dan Gilbert his team missed the playoffs? Well, "enraged" is the word most used to describe Gilbert's overall feelings. "Inside the organization is like a time-bomb waiting to go off," said one.

That doesn't mean Gilbert will overreact and start firing everybody, sources cautioned. It does mean he is expected to strategically (and perhaps slowly) find the best fit for running the basketball side of things this summer.

That's a good sign! That's what we want! I'm perfectly fine with Dan Gilbert taking his time, talking to multiple people, and finding the right person for the job. Don't do something silly like hiring Joe Dumars. Another good thing is that the Cavs GM job is still a pretty attractive job. The cap situation is solid. The Cavs have a lot of draft picks going forward, lots of flexibility, and some nice young players. If a new GM doesn't like some of the players on this roster, they can pretty easily be replaced by different players. Whoever ends up getting the general manager job will have plenty of assets to work with.

Want another encouraging quote from Amico's article? Here you go.

"The job is appealing, because the Cavs are right there," said an opposing executive. "I know a lot of people on our staff who would take it."

You hear that? A LOT OF PEOPLE. That's better than "zero people."

Finally, there's this whole deal about Dan Gilbert owning the Cavs. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? National perception is that Gilbert is an overbearing owner who is prone to overreacting. I have no idea if that's accurate. At the very least, it's clear that Gilbert is a passionate guy and won't stand for losing anymore. But I think that if the team starts winning, he'll take a step back and let a general manager do his thing. And there's definitely some value in the fact that he's willing to spend money and do what it takes to win games.

The executive added that Gilbert's obvious willingness to spend and desire to win are the Cavs' biggest assets. "He won't have a hard time recruiting candidates, if that's the direction he decides on," the exec said.

There aren't a ton of small market owners that show a willingness to go into the luxury tax, but Dan Gilbert has shown that that isn't a huge problem. I'll be interested to see what happens after the season ends on Wednesday. A lot of things could change.