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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers stomp Brooklyn Nets (backups) 114-85

That was fun.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was fun, and kind of sad.

The Cavs led 51-49 at the half, but a Nets team resting their best players got boat-raced in the second half, which is to be expected. The Cavaliers never really were threatened in the second half, and will finish this season 33-49, one game worse than the 34-48 Pelicans. This should put the Cavs in the 9th lottery slot.

Seeing Carrick Felix, Anthony Bennett, and Tyler Zeller do fun things was really nice. Tristan Thompson had a double double and Dion Waiters continued to be scorching hot, as he has been since the All-Star break.

Then the sadness sets in. Yes, it is backups, but we didn't really see this all year. The time wasted with Andrew Bynum, Earl Clark and Alonzo Gee playing big minutes hurts. Granted, Bennett missed time with weight and injury issues, and Felix is a walking injury, but I cannot helped but feel robbed.

That said, it was an ok year. Drama around every corner, and nothing this team does really makes sense, but they got better. 9 games better, which is a nice improvement. Would the playoffs have been nice? Sure. Sometimes you don't get the best case scenario. The Bynum thing was more massively destructive than a lot of people could have imagined, and combining that with Jarrett Jack's long learning curve to integrate with his fellow guards, and Earl Clark forgetting how to play basketball for 2 months, and the Cavs didn't really get that veteran presence they expected to help their young players grow.

Still, they grew. Dion Waiters is noticeably better, Kyrie too. As is Tyler Zeller. Tristan Thompson is a lightning rod, but he has shown some improvement. Anthony Bennett transformed his body in season, and overcame a horrible situation. I am proud of him. The Cavs did a lot of dumb things, immature things, but they are relying on a lot of young and immature players. Winning 9 more games than last year is okay. It isn't flashy, but it is fine.

In the coming weeks, I am going to try to sit down and try to really put into words the craziness I witnessed this year. In the interim, I have a lot of people to thank.

Our awesome staff, for hiring me, and helping me, and being an amazing group of fun people. Our email chains are absolutely hilarious.

- Conrad Kaczmarek, David Zavac, Justin Rowan, Sam Vecenie, Patrick Elder, Angelo Benedetti, and Boosh.

Fellow Cleveland Bloggers. Really any that I have interacted with, because the Cavs, and Cleveland in general has a really unique and awesome blog network. Especially Jacob Rosen of WFNY, Carter Rodriguez of RealCavsFans, and Cleveland Jackson of StepienRules.

Matt Moore of CBS, for the free advice and RTs.

The Cavaliers employees who read this, and have helped me with a lot of things.

Mostly though, the people that read this stuff. We have a pretty unique and active community, and between posting here and blowing up my twitter you all have filled my need to discuss hoops. You are all awesome, and I speak for everyone here when I tell you how much I/we appreciate the clicks, comments, compliments, and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Soon, we will turn our focus to the draft, summing up this crazy season, and rooting against those god damned Miami Heat. Until then: