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Free Agency: Could Carmelo Anthony take his talents to Lake Erie?

Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith mentioned Cleveland on his list of potential destinations for Carmelo Anthony.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be looking to make changes this offseason and the small forward position has essentially been a revolving door of placeholders for about four straight years. One of the options that could be available in free agency is Knick's forward Carmelo Anthony.

Today on "First Take" analyst Stephen A. Smith cited the Cavaliers as a potential landing spot for Carmelo Anthony. Stating that he can either take more money in New York and lose, or go somewhere else for less money and win. He mentioned signing with Chicago or figuring out a way to be traded to Houston or Cleveland.

I'm not sure why it would need to be a trade with Cleveland, but it's very possible he is not familiar with the Cavaliers' cap position or that he is assuming there are other moves on the way that would make it necessary for a trade of some sort to make Carmelo fit on this roster.

While I'm extremely skeptical that Anthony would have a desire to play in Cleveland, he should at least be an option that is explored by the organization. The first matter of business is going to be figuring out who the GM of the team and then he can determine what type of players he wants on this team. Carmelo is a max player and while he is incredibly talented, whether or not he is worth over 20 million a season is very much up for debate.

This is probably nothing, but the sentiment that Anthony could stay in New York and lose or go to Cleveland and win is pretty hysterical coming from an ESPN employee.

UPDATE: Chris Herring is awesome and covers the Knicks for the Wall Street Journal. I asked him what he thought about this:

Herring has roots in Cleveland so he's not mocking the town. Just to throw some perspective in.