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NBA offseason: Cavaliers acting General Manager meets with media

We don't know if David Griffin is coming back yet, but he talked to the media today about the team's season and future


The Cavaliers have yet to address any of the major issues they face this offseason.

Will Mike Brown be back?

Will David Griffin be back?

Will Kyrie Irving sign a max extension?

Will Tristan Thompson sign an extension?

Will the Cavaliers shake up their roster?

Who will the Cavaliers select in June's draft?

So today's press conference for David Griffin, which was not attended by owner Dan Gilbert, was kind of strange.

But Griffin did open up on quite a few topics.

And Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio at least believes Griffin will be here longterm:

And ultimately, Griffin did sound pretty good during the press conference. But there is more to winning games then sounding good in press conferences:

So what do you guys think? Do we keep Griffin moving forward? Did the press conference make you feel better?