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Byron Scott to lure Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers?



Kyrie Irving to the Lakers rumors are like Jason. They just don't die. You cannot kill them.

Today, we get the Jason X (The really crappy one) of Kyrie to L.A. rumors: Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report has said that the Lakers are looking at bringing in Byron Scott with the hopes of luring Irving to land of silicone and 5 dollar gas. (as told here by Sam Amico, of Fox Sports Ohio)

On Irving and Scott's relationship, Bucher says:

"still text on a regular basis, and the relationship is very good."

Now, you're probably thinking: "If Byron and Kyrie are such great friends why is Byron gone?"

GREAT QUESTION. If you remember, Kyrie was given multiple opportunities to stand up for Scott when his job was jeopardy last year, and passed on every single one of them. Maybe that was part of Kyrie's master plan. He just loves Byron so much and hates Cleveland so much that he got Byron fired so that they could reunite as Lakers.

(Editor's note: as you can see from David's tweet in the comments, Irving did in fact give Scott an endorsement before he was fired. It was belated, though.)

"Didn't we hear that the Lakers are keeping Mike D'Antoni?"

Why in fact yes we did! Marc Heisler of The Orange County Register reported that Lakers management has decided to keep D'Antoni.

So again, to summarize: Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers restricted free agent, who has stated his desire to remain with the Cavaliers might be drawn to Los Angeles to reunite with the coach he refused to stick up for when he had a plethora of opportunities on a team that isn't currently looking for a head coach.

Bucher certainly has a lot more sources than I do, but remember that sources are people and they generally have some kind of agenda. Other than humor value, there doesn't seem to be much here.