This Cavs season could be studied for future generations, solely on levels of weirdness

I decided to list out all the interesting/abnormal/fantastic/awful things about the 2013/2014 Cavs season, heres our fearless leaders season preview, full of fun GIF's and videos

Surprise Mike Brown Rehire

Tristan Thompson switches shooting hands something nobody has done in the history of ever

Surprise Bynum Contract

Cavs win the Draft Lottery

Dan Gilbert Promise's to be back in playoffs

Surprise Draft of Anthony Bennett

Bennett Shoulder Surgery, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, trifecta

Bennett is roughly 25 pounds overweight

Bennett starts season 1-21 shooting

Bynum plays early!

Bynum plays terrible

Cavs play terrible

Dion Waiters in Mike Browns doghouse

Cavs Team Meeting/Fight in locker room

Kyrie’s "Black Eye"

Dion Waiters "Illness"

Jarrett Jack Plays terrible

Bynum "Suspended indefinitely"

Luol Deng Trade

Backlash about Luol Deng "Overpay"

Cavs lose to Sacramento Kings by 44 points

Chris Grant fired

Everyone decides to play better

Dion Dunks on Spencer Hawes and scarily injures hes knee

Kyrie and Dion share a moment about it

Trade Deadline: 76ers give Cavs Spencer Hawes

Trade Deadline: Tyler Zeller for Reggie Bullock?

Backlash about how important 2nd Round Picks are


Kyrie, Zeller, Dion all play much better

Bennett has lost all the weight, Blocks Anthony Davis, Throws up 19-10 in a Sacramento Rematch/Win, and for good measure Dunks on Kevin Seraphin

Dion and Hardaway Jr. go at each other at Rising Stars Challenge

Kyrie Wins All star game MVP, and plays really well with LeBron James

Tristan puts up 25 and 15 on the Pistons

Tristan gets blocked a lot

Cavs Retire the #11 for the Great and Wonderful Zydrunaus Ilgauskas, and have the coolest court projection before the game

Undrafted rookie Matthew Dellavedova is a legitimate NBA guard

Bennett gets hurt

Lots of people get hurt

Kyrie gets hurt, kinda presumed done for season

Dion steps up

Dion plays Defense

Dion plays a lot of minutes

Dion hits game winner!

Jarrett Jack earns his money back

Luol Deng looks mediocre/injured/not a great shooter

Cavs work their way back into playoff race

Kyrie Surprisingly comes back!


C:tB and Brian Windhorst release story about Kyrie hating everything and everyone

Cavs have the biggest game in 4 years against the Atlanta Hawks

Cavs get slowly and maniacally ripped to pieces by the Atlanta Hawks

Kyrie really kind of does hate the media… With good reason

Kyrie scores 44 of the Cavs 94 points as they lose in overtime on the second night of a back to back to the playoff clinching Charlotte Bobcats, in a game pretty much nobody watches… essentially ending their chances

Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon adds fuel to the Dion-Kyrie fire by saying that they "Didn’t" get along

Josh Gordon and Dion Waiters are neighbors and hang out all the time

If I missed anything ill add it if it’s worthy, tried to get stuff in chronological order, damn this season has been weird

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