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Kyrie Irving, Josh Gordon, and the dumbest Cleveland sports story of the year

Kyrie Irving has been in the news a lot. Dion Waiters has been in the news a lot. Apparently Josh Gordon is now in the news too.

Kevin C. Cox

Remember when Kyrie Irving addressed some of the rumors and reports about him being unhappy in Cleveland? He did that the other day on Twitter and wanted everybody to stop spreading rumors about him and his "camp" wanting to play elsewhere. When he sent those tweets, he did it with the intention of stopping all the drama and establishing some #Clarity.

Yeah, that didn't work.

Instead, it brought up some more old stuff and we got some more excellent non-basketball garbage to think about while the Cavaliers gloriously bow out of the Eastern Conference playoff race. For whatever reason, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was on ESPN in late March and, for some other reason, was talking about Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving. Here's what he said, according to this story.

"I talked about it with Dion," Gordon told anchor Skip Bayless. "He's my neighbor in my building, so we hang out all the time. I'm aware of the rift in the locker room. That's just alpha males and supreme athletes trying to share the spotlight."

He said he hoped the two got along but supported the idea that one of the two would have to be traded.

"I'm not opposed to that," Gordon said. "It might play out better."

Okay so that's neat. I'm not sure why Gordon was asked about that situation, but there you have it. A few days ago, Kyrie told Jason Lloyd from the Akron Beacon Journal what he thought about Gordon's comments.

"Guys like Josh Gordon need to stay in his sport and mind his own business," Irving said prior to shootaround Friday morning. "Does he still play for the Browns? I'll continue to root for the Browns, but in terms of this stuff here, what goes on in this locker room, he needs to stay out of it."

So there's that. And then Gordon continued the middle school drama by tweeting about it.

I can't wait for the day that they make a 30 for 30 documentary about this Twitter feud between millionaire athletes in their young 20s. Truly riveting stuff.

Here's my take of all of this: Josh Gordon needs to just not talk about this ever because why the heck is anybody asking Josh Gordon about this anyway? Kyrie needs to sign that max contract offer as soon as possible if he wants these stories to go away. Dion and Kyrie need to hug it out. And we all need to take a lesson from Jackie Moon -- everybody love everybody.