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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers drop no-show Detroit Pistons 122-100.

The Pistons called off tonight. I think.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Well. Nothing to see here.

The Cavs put the boot to Detroit early and jumped out to a quick lead, and lead by 20-30 for most of the way. Everyone played well, but it's hard to get excited about that because I'm pretty sure the Pistons weren't really trying. Although I also wouldn't be shocked if they were trying and this is the result.

Moral of the story. Joe Dumars tied the Pistons future to a team that I cannot even be sure is tanking or not in a 30 point blowout to a 30 win team. Please do not let Joe Dumars run the Cavs.

Things I Liked


- This is the last time I have to watch Brandon Jennings for a while, right?

- The Cavs had a billion assists. Mostly because Detroit acted as if they were on the court to help the Cavs make baskets, but hey, a double double from Matthew Dellavedova and 22 and 8 from Dion Waiters looks nice on the stat line.

Things I Didn't Like

- Joe Dumars and the Pistons roster. Seriously. Dan. Watch this. Please. DO. NOT. HIRE. JOE. DUMARS.