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David Griffin reportedly close to becoming Cleveland Cavaliers' general manager

The Cleveland Cavaliers have entered into negotiations to make David Griffin their full time general manager and may have interest in bringing Mike D'Antoni in as an offensive coordinator.


Reports are coming out from The Plain Dealer indicating that the Cleveland Cavaliers are close to hiring David Griffin as the full time general manager. The Cavs have been very quiet this offseason in their evaluation of both the general manager and head coaching positions, but apparently they've been conducting interviews and have decided that Griffin is the front-runner for the position.

David Griffin took over as interim general manager after the dismissal of Chris Grant in February. In his time as interim GM he orchestrated the trade at the deadline for Spencer Hawes. If Griffin does end up getting the position, it's believed that he would try to build an offensive team like the one he was a part of during his 17 years in the Phoenix Suns organization. Apparently he may not be the only member of that organization that may be a full time member of the Cavaliers next season:

The fact that the team is looking into Mike D'Antoni as an offensive coordinator sounds pretty fun to me. While I'm not the biggest fan of him as a head coach, there's no denying that he's been a significant part of some great offenses in this league. My other thought is that this may signal that Mike Brown will remain head coach of the team, since they are not interviewing D'Antoni for a head coach position. D'Antoni and Brown working together would be pretty funny considering Brown was fired in order to bring D'Antoni to L.A. It's also very possible that Dan Gilbert has found a way to fuse Brown and D'Antoni together to form a coach that's brilliant on both ends of the court. We shall see.