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Cavaliers Links Roundup: Is Dan Gilbert too hands-on?

A semiweekly offseason guide to what people elsewhere on the internet are saying about the Cavs.


In case you missed it over the weekend, check out David's proposed fake trades for the Cleveland Cavaliers, including one for Kevin Love, who is reportedly available.

In other news...

According to the New York Daily News, David Griffin doesn't have any power:

"According to team sources, the Cavs were rejected by UConn's Kevin Ollie, who was seen as the perfect coach who could get Irving to re-sign long-term in Cleveland, while also having the ability to recruit former teammate LeBron James to return home this summer. The second part was a total pipe dream. But Gilbert is known as a non-stop screamer and the very definition of a hands-on owner. Last Monday, when Brown was fired, Gilbert elevated David Griffin from interim GM to permanent general manager. Already, however, talk around the league is that Griffin has no power and it's the Dan Gilbert Show."

On the subject of Ollie, Woj reported yesterday that the Cavs were "the most aggressive suitor" for the coach, who will return to UConn.

Ben Jackson at Real Cavs Fans discussed whether or not the Cavs are at least headed in the right direction:

"Whether the Cavs can land a coach that will better mesh with Irving and Waiters will impact whether this franchise becomes a success, or loses Irving to free agency and falls further into the depths of NBA irrelevancy. Cleveland is not Miami, and doesn't have warm weather or recent playoff success to lure free agents. That's why bringing a proven coach in to set a positive direction is of the utmost importance. It's all about keeping Kyrie happy."

Kirk at WFNY chronicled his preferred choices for the team's next head coach. Among the names he discusses: George Karl, Fred Hoiberg, and, yes, Mark Price.

Joe Lull of 92.3 The Fan tossed out a couple of other candidates I hadn't heard mentioned before: Portland Trail Blazers assistant David Vanterpool and Los Angeles Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue.

Dan Armelli at MTAF made the case for the Cavs to hire a first-time coach:

"If you look around the league, especially the lowly Eastern Conference this year, you see how many teams hired rookie head coaches and the success that they have had. Of the eight playoff teams in the East this year, six of them were led by coaches who had no previous NBA head coaching experience (Vogel, Spoelstra, Thibodeau, Kidd, Clifford, and Budenholzer). Of the seven teams in the East that didn't make the playoffs, five were lead by guys with previous head coaching experience (Woodson, Brown, Cheeks, Vaughn, Drew), three of whom were fired."

And finally, if you're looking for a podcast, Cavs: the blog put out a new one yesterday.