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NBA Draft Lottery: Kyrie Irving, Bill Simmons, others react to Cavaliers winning first overall pick

The Cavs won the lottery. People reacted. Here are some of those reactions.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, I was ridiculously excited and absurdly surprised. I never considered the idea that the Cavs would win the first overall pick, but they did and here we are. Since the Cavs only had a 1.7% chance of winning, everybody was shocked. Here are some of the best reactions to the Cavs' ridiculous luck on Tuesday night.

Bill Simmons

Simmons really *really* didn't want the Cavs to win the lottery. But they did. Here's his reaction GIF.


Haters gonna hate.

Kyrie Irving

On the flip side, Kyrie was excited.

I can only assume this is how Dion Waiters and C.J. Miles reacted when they found out that the Cavs won the top pick.

David Griffin

Nick Gilbert used to be the one who had all of the Cavs Lottery Magic. But apparently he let David Griffin borrow it for a little while. Griffin brought home the #1 pick at the lottery and had Nick's bow tie in his pocket for good luck. He didn't wear the bow tie and the reason why that he gave is the best ever.

Kendall Marshall

And the Lakers' point guard said what everybody else was thinking.

Johnny Manziel

It's pretty clear who Johnny Football wants the Cavs to take.

But the best and most accurate reaction comes from Rodger Sherman at SB Nation. Because we all know by now that the illuminati is responsible for everything that happens with the Cavs. #LaFamilia