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Cavaliers Links Roundup: Joel Embiid's back injury, the backlash to the lottery, Kyrie Irving's potential max extention, and more

A semiweekly offseason guide to what people elsewhere on the internet are saying about the Cavs.

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Hopefully everyone had a nice Memorial Day. Or, if you're one of our many readers from Canada or somewhere else in the world, hopefully you had a nice Monday. With the Cleveland Cavaliers still in possession of the number one overall draft pick and an open head coaching position, those who blog did not take a break for the holiday weekend.

Trevor Magnotti from Right Down Euclid wrote the best analysis of Joel Embiid's back injury I've seen so far:

"Based on prior examples and the method of treatment for Embiid's injury, I don't think there's much of a precedent for concern surrounding Embiid's injury. The possibility is there, of course, but everything Embiid has done has been done the right way for this injury to heal. A lot of the concern around this has clearly come from problems involving a limited understanding of back injury."

Jacob Greenberg wrote eloquently at The Diss about the backlash to the Cavs winning the lottery again:

"For the average fan, Cleveland represents ineptitude and irrelevance, created at the hands of countless misguided management teams, and perpetuated by a permanently negative fanbase. Regardless of whether we're discussing the Cavaliers, Indians or Browns, the prevailing narrative always centers around a "lack" or something, and the seemingly blighted nature of the sports culture in that polity. In our minds, the Cleveland sports fan is always frowning, certain that things are going to go wrong, and for most, isn't very likable. In our hearts, we feel those folks don't deserve any more handouts."

The New York Daily News seems to be spending a surprising amount of time on the Cavs beat these days. Mitch Lawrence said that the Cavs "are making noises that they aren't going to offer Kyrie Irving 'max money' this summer." He also said that the guys like George Karl and Lionel Hollins won't get the head coaching job because the team "are not looking for a strong veteran presence who wants to do things only his way."

Contrary to that, Sam Amico wrote this morning that the team will interview Hollins, along with Adrian Griffin, Vinny Del Negro and Alvin Gentry. Adrian Wojnarowski said that they will also interview Tyronn Lue.

And finally, the good news is that if you're too lazy to go to other websites, you can find tremendous Cavs coverage right here at Fear the Sword. Sam has the first edition of his big board out, and Mourt reminded us that both Embiid and Andrew Wiggins are big dudes.