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There's a rapper named Grandpa M and he wants LeBron James to come back to the Cavs

So...this is a thing?

I'm not exactly sure what is happening here, but it's happening.

We've got this old grandfather type figure wearing this big gold chain and he's rapping (or merely speaking rhythmically) about LeBron James coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is this weird? Is it kind of sad? I'm not sure. But it's something. I have no idea why these types of things happen, but the internet is a magical place.

Here's the description on the video:

'HEY LEBRON' is a rap written and recorded by the talented Grandpa M in hopes to bring The King back to Cleveland. The songs features his two grandsons and fellow LeBron fans, J. Money and Young Scoob. With the help of their friends, Evan and Austin Gregg, they were able to make the idea of 'HEY LEBRON' become real. 'Hey LeBron we want you back and that aint no smack!'