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Johnny Manziel was asked if he could get LeBron James to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Oh, Cleveland media...

Jason Miller

Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night and that is awesome. Johnny Football is larger than life, exciting as hell, and extremely well-connected. He's basically BFFs with Drake. So when Manziel landed in Cleveland did his introductory press conference for the Browns, you knew that he was going to get some crazy questions. Well, it didn't take long before some Cleveland media guy asked if Manziel thought that his presence would help bring LeBron James back to the Cavaliers.

Now, Manziel is friends with LeBron James and LeBron was reportedly upset that the Dallas Cowboys didn't draft him. But oh my god, can we get any more ridiculous than this? Clearly LeBron James isn't going to decide what team to play for just because some 21-year old football player happened to be drafted by the football team in the city where LeBron used to play. That's crazy.

But seriously, Johnny Manziel is going to bring LeBron James back to Cleveland. It's totally happening. Great question, media guy.